Dear friends,



I like to invite you to send me a contribution for an artproject.


The project is about the rivalry, competition but also the resamble or friendship between two cities.

In this special occasion my hometown Arnhem and neighbourcity Nijmegen.

As one of the participating artists I decided to call my project arnijm or ARNIJM.

The word arnijm is compound out of the first three letters of each cityname. ARNhem & NIJMegen.


For this project I revert to my mail-art experiences in the seventies and eighties.


I like to invite you to send me a contribution for my site

Your contribution can be a professional webpage, a snapshot, a drawing, story or just a comment.


The only condition is that the word ARNIJM is subject. Written in capitals or undercast (arnijm).


The word arnijm can be the title of a story, a column or a painting. But also a picture or a scetch of the word written in sand, a sculpture made out of stones or  twigs, or whatever.

Anyway look right now on and you see lots of submissions. The site is in the air since oct. the 1th.


As a matter of course, my homepage will mention all 'guestwebmasters' and participants and links to their site.

After the manifestation (28 october-13 november 2005) every participant will recieve a catalogue of the project including a CDrom of the complete site.


WARNING, my design for looks very similar to the Googlething.


Arno Arts